Shooting Star Indigenous Artwork by highly respected Kokatha man

Rail First is delighted to announce that our CDBY 254 Crew Van will be adorned in Indigenous Artwork by highly respected Kokatha man, Artist, and AFL Legend, Gavin Wanganeen.   The work is  from the “Shooting Stars” series inspired by a camping trip Gavin and his wife Pippa took on Wardang Island, where he saw a shooting star.   The experience had a profound effect connecting him to his Kokatha ancestors and inspiring him to further explore this spiritual relationship through art.   As a proud Australian owned rail leasing, maintenance, and manufacturing company, we are delighted to support Gavin’s work and take the opportunity to celebrate First Peoples’ culture and demonstrate our shared support of community and cultural diversity.

Rail First Asset Management is the leading provider of rail leasing services across Australia.  In our historic Islington SA facility, we are pleased to continue to expand and have recently restarted construction of rail wagons being the only domestic manufacturer of this type of equipment in Australia.    The Islington site now provides employment to over 80 full time staff who provide a combination of rail leasing, maintenance, overhaul, and construction services for rail operators across the country

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