As the 100th new build CQPY rolls off our production line, the Islington shop team has taken the opportunity to create a “time-lapse” video showing the construction of our CQPY class of wagons.

We should all be very proud of the work we have done over the past 2 year to re-establish wagon manufacturing in Australia, and that we have been able to successfully leverage using Australian steel, components, and labour to make a high-quality competitive “Made in Australia” product for our leasing customers.

Our new wagons have now run over 2.5 million km without faults for ITS, Aurizon, and Qube, and we look to expand this customer pool in 2023 by moving into new wagon types, including 48’ double stack well wagons, and 60’ flat intermodal wagons.     

Please enjoy the video, and join me in recognizing and celebrating this significant achievement for all of us