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Keeping customers safe is of paramount importance to Rail First, and customers are essential to ensure the safety of shipments, equipment, staff, and the communities through which leased equipment runs. Customers are responsible for making sure that equipment is appropriately inspected and loaded prior to operations, and that maintenance defects and concerns are promptly reported once observed.

Some customer responsibilities include –

Know and abide by the applicable laws, regulations, and requirements
  for the areas through which the shipment and equipment will travel
Adhere to applicable commodity restrictions in your lease
Receive required maintenance and equipment releases prior
  to operation
Inspect equipment before operation per relevant infrastructure and
  Safety Management System requirements

Loading and Securing

Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when working near
  railway facilities, tracks or equipment
Follow applicable industry, company, loading guides and legislation for
  containers or bulk materials
Distribute the shipment weight evenly and within the equipment load
Ensure the shipment is contained entirely within the equipment
Close and secure all gates, doors, hatches, etc

Operations and Maintenance Issues

Promptly report all injuries, derailments, or damage events to both the
  necessary regulatory bodies and Rail First Asset Management
Report operating defects to Rail First’s Helpdesk so that real time
  assistance and triage can be provided
Operate the equipment within safe travelling speeds for given track
  speed restrictions and operating conditions
Properly secure and test equipment when not in use per handbrake and
  stowage standards for the equipment and location
Take measures to safeguard equipment from unauthorised use or

While it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure safe and appropriate use of Rail First Asset Management equipment, our Operations and Maintenance teams can assist in the planning for safe use of our equipment.
More information on the safe and effective use of our equipment can be found on our Client Login Portal or by contacting your Rail First representative.

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